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Nk’Mip Canyon Desert Golf Course

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6891 Tucelnuit Dr. Oliver, BC, V0H 1T2



Public Golf Course





On May 1st, 1998, the golf course had taken out a loan with the Royal Bank for the construction of a driving range. Completion of the range with 12 stalls was completed early in July and on the 11th of July 1998, opened for operation by holding a long drive competition. Results of the competition are unknown to me at this time, but the range has proved to be a successful addition to the present facility in the way of an added amenity to offer. It is still one of the better driving range facilities in the Southern Okanagan.

In 1999 the Osoyoos Indian Band decided to embark on some new adventures in the way of Economic Development in regards to the golf course. In a similar fashion to the original investors who built Cherry Grove Golf & Country Club as a means of attracting buyers for their mobile homes, the Osoyoos Indian Band made the decision to expand the existing 9 hole golf course to a championship golf course in the hope that it would spark interest in future plans for a house development. The Band went to the bank and borrowed $1,5000,000 and with their own input of $2,000,000 (approximately) construction on the new course began. The new construction employed quite a number of Band Members from not only the Osoyoos Indian Band, but also other Bands through Western Canada as well as a number of local non-Native residents. A very unique fact in the construction of the new golf course is that the three of our own Band Members were involved in the design stage of the expansion. Sam Baptiste, Tony Baptiste, and Dave George, being the three Osoyoos Indian Band Members, each had their ideas implemented to achieve what we have today as a championship rated golf course. With the efforts of these three along with Tony Patricinio, John Reid and Grant Montgomery, the expansion of Cherry Grove underwent a re-design of 5 of its existing holes and construction of 13 new holes and a new clubhouse. The golf course was then renamed Nk’Mip Canyon Desert Golf Course. Employing 50 plus people including members of the Osoyoos Indian Band; Dave George, a member of the Osoyoos Indian Band and one of the initial designers of the present Nk’Mip Canyon Desert Golf Course, held the position of General Manager from 2001 – 2007.

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