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Crown Isle Resort & Golf Community

Designed by Graham Cooke & Associates and opened in 1992, the award winning Platinum rated golf course is superbly manicured and maintained. Playable for golfers at all levels, the course is designed in a resort style with a dynamic set of tees to meet the needs of any guest or member. With 11 lakes, views […]

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Sunnydale Golf & Country Club

Courtenay Golf Club Ltd. was formed in 1923 and an additional 89 acres of land was purchased on July 18, 1923 this land included the Sandwick course.  11 years later Joe Idiens then purchased the course in 1934 and changed the name to “Sunnydale” (named after a place in Sunningdale Berkshire England).  Joe sold Sunnydale in 1943 […]

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